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Would the Cyntoia Brown case have had a different outcome if she were a white woman or a black man?

The photo to the left depicts Cyntoia Brown as a teenager in the courtroom and the photo to the right depicts Brown as an adult still serving time in prison.

On the night of August 6th, 2004 Cyntoia Brown arrived at a Sonic gas station in East Nashville when Johnny Allen approached her in a white van and asked if she needed a ride. Brown accepted his offer and Allen then asked if she was up for any (sexual) action. She agreed and they decided on a price of $150. When she got into the van, Brown suggested going to a hotel, but he insisted on going to his house…

Capitalism has created yet another system of exploitation within the institution of Balck motherhood.

Photo of Simone Landrum at home with her sons, Dillon and Caden, during her pregnancy.

“We, as Black women and people, understand the system is something put in place to make us work hard,” says Joan Lewis, a black mother and home healthcare worker living in Atlanta who is also a member leader of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA). ​“It’s the truth that we get exploited,” she says. ​“It’s the truth that we get exploited, especially domestic workers, because we’re doing a job that nobody values.”

As expressed by Lewis, Black women are systematically exploited by capitalist society. Being the…

A Unique Experience for Women of Color on Active Duty

While many issues concerning the United States Armed Forced have received extensive media coverage, there is one issue in particular that continually fails to receive the attention it deserves: the culture of sexual harassment in the military against women of color. It is not surprising that this is a prevalent issue that many women of color on active duty continue to face, but what does continue to surprise me is the ways in which the systemic “cover up” of such military crimes is tolerated. …

Jenelsy Lopez

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